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Obtain top rankings on the search engines for desired search terms and drive qualified leads. Gain awareness, brand equity and traction. Let’s make the search engines love and favour your website.


Starting Price

(Free consultation, Fast turnaround time, Unlimited revisions)
₦120,000 minimum

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Description of Service

SEO – search engine optimization is a major aspect of knowing and controlling the various methods used by major search engines on ranking websites nowadays. It entails the use of free methods in making your website rank higher in results found by search engines, this is called organic traffic.

What you get from this service

Search engine optimization sounds just as easy if you deliver the best services and sells the best of your products, says a layman.
Research has it that websites that enjoy 95% of search traffic are the ones that appear on the first page
of search results on Google. To take advantage of this benefit, you need to gather and make use of
relevant keywords in your content. Rundev Digital’s SEO team are specially trained for that.

How we will get it done

We make this possible by making your websites Google friendly the best way so that your clients and customers can reach you whenever they need you. The more useful your website is for your audience, the higher the search engines ranks it in the results.

This sounds simple, but might be a bit tricky due to the complexities of algorithms governing websites.

SEO has been found to be at its best when coupled with PPC. So you will have to engage a solid strategy in digital marketing using SEO and PPC for your well crafted, error free website, optimized continuously to make it search engine friendly.